Commission By Fixed Rated

Set category  for staff
1. Select staff
2. Select salesperson
3. Enter the staff code
4. Shows stuff name
5. Select the staff category
6. Tick salesperson column

7. Click save

Set commission for item
1. Select item master
2. Select which item entitled for commission
3. System will show that item name
4. Select commission column
5. Select fixed rate
6. Click add(+)

7. Select staff category
8. Select type of commission entitled
9. Select ok to confirm

10. Click save to update system

11. Select salesperson on sales screen
12. Select item that entitled for commission
13. Make payment as usual

Report for fixed rate commission
1. Select report
2. Enlarge staff column
3. Select report sales commission sharing listing
4. Select staff
5. Click on view grid
6. All the commission data will show here

7. Click preview report
8. Select which type of report format to preview
9. Click to preview report


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